Largest Canadian Stocks Companies
StockPriceChange %MarketcapChart (5D)52 Week RangePrevious Close
CA$ 1,681.670.41% 209.85B
CA$ 1,688.63
CA$ 130.991.29% 186.62B
CA$ 132.70
CA$ 89.770.59% 163.38B
CA$ 90.30
CA$ 52.131.18% 105.60B
CA$ 52.75
CA$ 82.600.48% 100.37B
CA$ 83.00
CA$ 137.160.53% 88.89B
CA$ 137.89
CA$ 146.130.45% 72.46B
CA$ 146.79
CA$ 93.480.03% 62.35B
CA$ 93.51
CA$ 140.500.00% 62.73B
CA$ 140.50
CA$ 67.300.37% 65.89B
CA$ 67.55
CA$ 86.360.79% 49.28B
CA$ 87.05
CA$ 23.960.46% 42.63B
CA$ 24.07
CA$ 2,173.832.04% 46.07B
CA$ 2,219.12
CA$ 162.180.88% 42.25B
CA$ 163.62
CA$ 71.040.27% 41.62B
CA$ 71.23
CA$ 28.180.36% 38.35B
CA$ 28.08
CA$ 176.740.87% 33.78B
CA$ 178.29
CA$ 36.861.34% 34.27B
CA$ 37.36
CA$ 103.340.94% 34.89B
CA$ 104.32
CA$ 98.240.67% 29.54B
CA$ 98.90
CA$ 93.001.90% 31.44B
CA$ 94.80
CA$ 55.020.40% 25.93B
CA$ 55.24
CA$ 69.922.13% 22.03B
CA$ 71.44
CA$ 51.020.04% 23.21B
CA$ 51.04
CA$ 14.253.13% 28.75B
CA$ 14.71
CA$ 70.111.18% 17.16B
CA$ 70.95
CA$ 30.221.79% 12.50B
CA$ 30.77
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