Parrot Media Is Getting a Crypto Division All Its Own

Parrot Media Is Helping Crypto Move Forward

Parrot Media Is Getting a Crypto Division All Its Own

Cryptocurrency is growing heavily as of late, though it’s probably safe to say that a lot of people still aren’t terribly familiar with it. They’re unaware of how it works, how to trade, or even what companies are emerging that are pushing the crypto and blockchain agendas. That may change now that PR firms like Parrot Media Consultants are getting involved.
Parrot Media Is Helping Crypto Move Forward
Parrot Media is a public relations firm that is starting an entirely new division devoted to crypto and blockchain news. At the time of writing, parrot Media has helped companies from approximately 150 countries get their news to the right sources, and it looks like digital currency is the firm’s new focus.
Victoria Peters – the business development manager at the firm – explained in an interview:
We’re excited to launch our dedicated crypto press release distribution service. Globally, there is a huge demand for crypto marketing services and as a top-tier PR firm, we are both poised and thrilled to offer the same quality service of our standard PR, advertising, and marketing services to businesses in the crypto space.
According to a recent survey published by CNBC, while there are several people investing in cryptocurrency, approximately one in three investors know little to nothing about the assets they’re investing in. That’s a scary thought. It’s basically buying something and wondering how you can use it after the purchase is already complete.
If this applies to traders, you can bet those who do not invest in crypto know even less. At this point, the cryptocurrency space has been around for 13 years, so the fact that something can be prevalent for over a decade and still have this many people be ignorant on its subject matter is downright dangerous.
Over the past few years, many new cryptocurrency projects and platforms have come about, and with Parrot Media at their fingertips, they’re likely to reach broader audiences regarding the facts and information they can present. There is education in the wind, and the firm aims to be at the center of the growing digital revolution.
Godspower Oboido – the founder of Parrot Media – stated:
We have an extensive connection with partner news sites in the tech, financial and crypto world, and we will ensure our crypto press release distribution clients get maximum coverage, visibility, and exposure, like our general customers already enjoy.
How to Get Your Releases Out
At press time, the company has partnered with a wide array of media and news platforms including Yahoo Money, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch to name a few.
To take part in Parrot Media’s promotion programs, companies must select a preferred PR package. From there, depending on the level of the company’s membership, the firm will submit their press releases and other materials to partnered platforms. A company can also have a team of crypto writers at Parrot Media craft their materials for them.

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