Point Pay Aims to Solve the World’s Crypto Problems

Point Pay Is Working Hard to Solve Crypto Trouble

Point Pay Aims to Solve the World’s Crypto Problems

Blockchain platform Point Pay is creating a new project it’s calling “Launched Solutions to Navigate the Cryptocurrency Market Turbulence.”
Point Pay Is Working Hard to Solve Crypto Trouble
The goal is to ensure that customers have what they need to deal with the ongoing volatility and speculation of the crypto space, which has been occurring since the beginning of the year. There is no doubt that crypto, in many ways, is failing miserably, and the entire arena appears to be sinking to perdition at the time of writing.
Bitcoin, for example, is the world’s number one digital currency by market cap. In November of last year, the asset reached a new all-time high of approximately $68,000 per unit, though now, the currency is struggling to maintain a position in the low $19K range. That’s a drop of more than 70 percent. Also, the entire crypto space has lost more than $2 trillion in overall valuation. It’s a sad and ugly sight to see.
With so much economic turmoil at the helm of Biden and the woke elite (many countries, including the United States, are now prone to record-high inflation and similar problems), agencies like the Federal Reserve have been forced into positions of constantly having to hike rates. Thus, people can no longer afford homes and cars, and they have repeatedly witnessed the stocks and crypto assets they’ve invested in dip further and further down.
Point Pay is one of the companies that’s working hard to weather the harsh economic storm we’ve all been witnessing as of late. During quarter three of this year, for instance, the company managed to expand the range of its products. It launched new projects such as its recent peer to peer (P2P) platform, and it implemented savings for long-term customers, who now pay about 35 percent less when using the company’s classic or advanced-level exchanges.
All these steps and others have allowed customers to continue returning to Point Pay. They feel safe the firm isn’t going to let them down, and this sentiment is likely to expand further upon the release of its most recent “Solutions” project.
The platform will not be a single entity but rather an entire string of digital currency solutions that the company is hoping to have fully established by the end of this year. This only gives them about two months to go to solve all the heavy crypto problems traders are now facing… A testament to the firm’s ambition. CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev explained in an interview:
By expanding our product portfolio and enhancing our existing services, we intend to become the industry leader with the broadest range of cryptocurrency products in one place.
Integrating ACH Payments
The company is also planning to integrate ACH payments in the coming weeks.
Point Pay was established in 2018.

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