Brand new to trading? The Basics Course will give you everything that you need in order to create success in financial markets.


The EAP training program is The Trading Channel ‘s flagship program. Over the past 2 years, this program has helped hundreds of traders become profitable.

Comprehensive lessons on everything you will need to know in order to master a great foundation for Forex trading and the rest of the course material.

New to trading?

The Basic Course of The Trading Channel will give you everything you need to be successful in the financial markets.

The result?

After taking the basic course, you will be able to identify and understand the candlesticks and formations that give you an edge in the market. You’ll be able to spot trends and read market structure levels like a pro.

What Is The EAP?

As a lifetime member and self-declared graduate of The Trading Channel Hart’s EAP Training Program, I think it’s time that I write a review on his course material and services as a trading mentor.

The EAP stands for Email Analysis Program.

This is a program where The Trading Channel emails you his personal trading setups (not intended as a signal service) so that you can follow along with him and be confident that you’re seeing the markets and executing the strategies you learn the same way he is.

The course is designed to help new and struggling traders transition from being unprofitable to becoming consistently profitable over several phases – although there are also advanced sections intended for traders who are already profitable and wish to expand their playbook or optimize their performance.

Steven teaches objective rules-based price action strategies that he personally uses to extract profits out of the markets (and has used for many years), he advocates sensible risk control measures, and he specializes in forex trading.

Style of Teaching

Steven takes a laid back, casual and easy-going approach to educating – so you won’t get bored listening to him teach. He keeps things entertaining and he’s full of energy, so it’s very easy to follow along with his lessons.

The lessons are no longer than they need to be and not fluffed up with unnecessary content or ramblings (or unsubstantiated claims), and so the they are easy to digest and implement. He takes care to be concise in his explanations and does a great job of explaining his ideas clearly.

Everything Steven teaches you will be backed up by backtesting results, and he even takes the time to send you examples of real trades he is taking in the live markets that meet the rules of the strategies you will learn (not intended to be a signal service).

He also breaks down his equity curve every few weeks in a video presentation to demonstrate what it looks like to trade through drawdowns (losing streaks) and rough patches – as well as the good times. This is most beneficial to newer traders who struggle with patience and discipline or other trading psychology issues.

Observing Steven trade the strategies he teaches you will imbue you with confidence in what you’re doing.

Watching him trade through new equity highs, into drawdowns which sometimes last weeks, and then back to new equity highs is extremely valuable to prove to new traders that it is possible to be a profitable trader if you have the courage and confidence to stick to the plan.

Trading Performance

Let’s not forget that we’re here to make money.

If what you learn from a trading educator doesn’t translate into trading profits, then you’re wasting your money – and worst of all, your time.

Thankfully, Steven is the real deal. He is a professional trader with over 10 years experience trading the forex markets, and his strategies certainly work as advertised.

He proves this regularly by providing email analysis where he sends out screenshot examples of each trade he takes that meet the rules of his EAP strategies. He journals each trade that he sends out in a spreadsheet for full transparency, and plots the equity curve throughout the year.

This serves two purposes. First, it demonstrates that what Steven is doing actually works and he is a genuinely profitable trader with the authority to teach what he knows.

And second, it inspires his students who are struggling with their trading to see that it is possible to be profitable over the long-term if you have the patience and self-discipline to stick to your plan and continue trading the strategies even when they’re suffering through the dreaded drawdowns.

Steven leads by example. He’s not just a theoretician. He teaches the theory, but then he walks the talk and demonstrates in real-time how to execute the theory properly and consistently.

I’ve been a member of the EAP program since 2017, and since that time, every year has produced a greater than +100% return on his initial capital. At first this seems too good to be true, but it’s important to note that Steven is a professional with over a decade of experience.

His results, although possible, are not typical, and most traders will not experience returns that good on their own until they have earned the right to make that sort of money by mastering their trading process and trading psychology.

But, the results are real. And Steven really does generate profound profits with his strategies, and even if you make half of what he makes per year, that’s still more than the average trader.

So by that metric alone, depending on how much capital you are starting with, the course will effectively pay for itself over the long-term if you successfully master the concepts he teaches.



Perhaps the most valuable feature of the Trading Channel EAP course membership is not even the course material itself, but the fact that you get a priority direct-line straight to Steven himself.

If you have a trading-related question that only an experienced trader can answer, he is there for you. For other questions regarding non-trading related information, he has staff members who are very competent and experienced with customer service who will respond to your queries.

But if you run into a problem with your trading, or come across a subject or concept that doesn’t quite click for you, then you have the ability to email Steven at any time and he will always respond to your question.

Obviously, given the fact that he has hundreds of students, it can take a few days or even weeks for him to get around to replying to you. But he always will, and he’ll always respond with great detail and encouragement.

Steven is not judgmental towards new traders and no question is too stupid to ask. Believe me, I asked him plenty. He was always gracious, patient and detailed in his replies. I never had a question I asked him that he couldn’t or wouldn’t help me with.

As far as mentorship goes, I couldn’t speak more highly of him and his service. The one drawback perhaps is that you can’t video or voice call him, but honestly, unless you’re illiterate and can’t read or write (in which case maybe trading isn’t for you in the first place), then there’s no reason why email conversations can’t suffice.

Plus with emails it’s easy to send screenshot examples of things you’re struggling with – which I highly recommend, because it’s pretty hard to explain most trading concepts or issues without a visual aid or chart to reference.

All in all I give him an A+ for mentorship service. I’m amazed that he finds the time to be so available and helpful for so many students, and really, that’s what you’re paying for when you sign up to the EAP program.

Most of the information he teaches you could probably learn on your own without the course material – but it would take you many years of sifting through all the noise out there, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever find out what works, and you would have no psychological or educational support.

When you pay for Steven’s course, you’re paying to save yourself years of time learning strategies that don’t work. You get to skip all the challenges of reading through dozens of books, watching hundreds of videos and consuming years of content and hard lessons and go straight to mastering what actually works.

And the added bonus is that Steven is personally there to help you with every step of your journey – even after you become profitable.

I still speak with him regularly about new issues that pop up from time to time (spoiler alert: even after you become profitable, you will still have challenges with your trading!). And he is always happy to talk and a pillar of encouragement and motivation.

This is what newer traders will get the most value from. Experienced traders will perhaps get more value out of skipping all the BS out there and learning his profitable trading strategy rules directly, whereas rookie traders will get the most value out of his guidance and 1-on-1 support.

Pricing & Competition

Let’s start with the question that’s probably of most concern to you – is the EAP membership worth the cost?

Quality of content aside, in comparison to Steven’s competitors, the pricing itself is quite competitive. But let’s do some number crunching to prove it.

At the present time of writing this review, he has three pricing tiers (in US dollars):

  • $197 per month
  • $297 per quarter
  • $997 lifetime access

Considering I’ve spent up to $2000+ per product on trading courses that provided a mere fraction of the value that Steven offers (and in some cases weren’t helpful at all), I can safely say that this price is more than reasonable for the quality of the content you will receive.

But don’t just take my word for it – let’s break down your other options.

The main competitor to Steven would probably be Tier One Trading.

First I should mention that I’ve never been a paying member of the Tier One program. But I have taken their trial and enjoyed it, and they are the only other forex trading education program out there on the internet that I’ve come to trust, so I think it’s fair to compare Steven to them.

Tier One is a reputable trading education platform run by Akil Stokes and Jason Graystone – two traders who I have the utmost respect for. I thoroughly enjoy their free content and I’ve learned a lot of valuable information from them.

However, given the fact that they have a whole team of trading educators and offer a broader and more general variety of trading education content and products (including software), their overhead and thus their prices are much higher. To join Tier One, you’re looking at about $297 per month – which is a +66% increase in price.

For someone who isn’t sure what they want out of their trading yet, then perhaps the broader range of possibilities is more fitting to them. The best analogy I can think of is that Tier One is like the large franchise chain of forex trading who have a broad menu versus Steven’s small family-run restaurant who specializes in a certain cuisine – in this case, 4HR and 1HR swing-trading and simple rules-based strategies.

So if you want a more intimate hands-on 1-on-1 mentorship instead of the broader audience-style mentorship, then Steven’s course may be better suited to you.

This is a review of the EAP Program and not Tier One, so I won’t go into much more detail about Tier One here except to say that I have no conflict of interest when it comes to giving advice on trading. I don’t care who you choose to go with – I just want to help you to make an informed decision about your financial future.

And the only reason I point out Tier One and not some other random forex education company is because they are literally the only forex trading education course promoters I’ve come across in my 4+ years of trading experience who share the same level of transparency and honesty as Steven. They also share similar styles of trading and methodologies.

So if you’re considering going anywhere else or you’re unconvinced by this review by the time you finish reading it, I’d recommend checking them out.

Otherwise – if you like the sound of having a close 1-on-1 relationship with a trading mentor who is committed to helping you reach profitability through a simple but effective step-by-step process, then continue reading to find out more details about what Steven offers.

Basics Trading Channel Course

  • Intro + Course Walkthrough
  • Changing Your Mindset
  • The Anatomy Of The Candlestick
  • How To Read Price Action
  • How To Read The Trending Market
  • Advanced Structure Training
  • Intro To Indicators
  • Advanced Candlestick Entry Patterns

Transition Trading Channel Course

  • Introduction
  • Pullback Strategy Rules
  • Pullback Strategy Stops & Targets
  • Backtesting + Spreadsheet
  • Backtesting CAD/CHF & AUD/USD Together
  • Optimizing Your Portfolio
  • Creating A Risk Management Plan
  • Calculating Risk Per Trade
  • Creating A Trading Plan

Advanced Trading Channel Course

  • Introduction
  • Advanced Multiple Targets
  • Advanced Single Targets
  • TCSC Candlestick Entry Pattern
  • Double-Top / Double-Bottom Pattern
  • 123 Reversal Strategy
  • Swing Reversal Strategy
  • Aggressive Entry Strategy
  • Advanced Pattern #1
  • 3XT OTZ Training (For Advanced Entries)

Trading Channel review Conclusion

In conclusion, I just want to say that regardless of how much I’ve enjoyed and appreciated Steven’s guidance, it’s important that you make your own decision regarding who you choose to be your mentor.

Just because Steven’s style of teaching worked so effectively for me and many others doesn’t necessarily mean it will for you. For example, the most common hesitation I hear from aspiring or struggling traders I’ve met over the years who I’ve tried to introduce to Steven is that “he’s young”.

I hear this from mostly older traders who are accustomed to learning from men with grey hair in Wall Street style suits with horn-rimmed glasses and condescending attitudes. It’s ironic, considering they ask for my advice and I myself am only 29 as of writing this.

Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in and many of us have been conditioned to only respect authority from people who “look the part” more so than those who are actually doing the part.

And that’s perfectly fine! There are dozens of other trading education experts out there who are happy to sell you their services. Maybe you would prefer learning from a more conventional style educator like Akil and Jason from Tier One Trading.

But if you’re more open-minded about who you learn from and all you care about is that the content is affordable, easy to consume, easy to understand, and most importantly – actually works – then the Trading Channel EAP course is probably for you.

In any case, I’d highly recommend that you check it out – sign up for a month, and if you don’t like it, at least you know you tried. Otherwise as I mentioned earlier, he also has a YouTube channel with loads of free valuable content.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take your time to watch his free videos and get to know Steven’s style of trading and educating before you commit to buying from him.

I hope you found this review helpful in your quest to find your trading mentor. Having a trading mentor who is both talented at trading and at teaching is paramount to your success as a trader.

The most important thing I can stress in this review is that if you can find a mentor who you can form a close bond and relationship with such as I have with Steven. Then your chances of trading success will increase dramatically.

Good luck with your trading journey, and please feel free to leave any questions, comments or your own experiences.

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