Warrior Trading is a day trading chat room and education site operated by Ross Cameron. He got stung during the day trading boom and internet bubble in the early 2000s.

Warrior Trading is a 1-stop-shop for new and seasoned traders. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, it offers educational courses, resources and community support to help you attain success as a day trader. To date, the platform boasts an impressive following of over 500,000 active followers and 5,000 premium members.

Warrior Trading Education Courses

The trader training courses are all accessible via mobile and desktop devices. There are three levels of training courses starting with the $997 Warrior Starter Course is tailored for newbies and includes one-month access to the day trading chat room, simulator, and “CORE” Warrior Day Trading Course. The Warrior Pro program (which is similar to the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge) includes everything from the Warrior Starter for three-months in addition to 3X Weekly Mentoring for three-month access and Proven Warrior Pro Trading System which includes their Day trading and Swing Trading System and personalized trade review with Ross for $4,299.

The final and most inclusive is the Warrior Inner Circle program which takes applications only and includes one-year access to the programs mentioned above as well as access to fly out and meet with Ross and his team twice a year, access to the Private Inner Circle ONLY chatroom and community for an undisclosed price. The site recommends a 90-day plan to accelerate your trading skillsets with the Warrior Pro Trading System in the first month and progressively moving through the course onto the chatroom and then applying the strategies on the trading simulator by month three. There are a lot of convincing testimonials that support the success the system can provide to the right individual. The education is compelling, just be prepared to pay for it.

Warrior Starter

Warrior Starter covers all the basics about day trading, and the course has 15 chapters in total. The course is highly suitable for beginners who want to follow Ross’ way of trading the markets. Ross Cameron has a lot of experience, enabling him to teach his students with direct and structured information. The audio is clear, and his language is easy to understand. I like the fact that Ross explains the content using the market standard terminology. Everyone will immediately understand what he is talking about. Beginners will appreciate the simplicity of the terminology. The free Warrior Trading terminology dictionary can also help in situations where something is not clear yet. This is recognizably a premium trading course because there is reliable information spread throughout the course, making all the difference compared to free resources.

Warrior Starter Features

About 630 minutes of video materialare included in the 15 chapters of the course! Every chapter ends with a quiz to ensure that you understood the material the right way. Here are the 15 chapters:

  1. Becoming a trader
  2. Picking stocks for day trading
  3. Account types
  4. Fundamental analysis
  5. Technical analysis
  6. Trading platform walk-through
  7. Order entry
  8. Level 1 market depth and order entry
  9. Level 2 market depth and hotkeys
  10. Times and sales
  11. Stock halts
  12. Scanning 101
  13. Preparing to sim trade
  14. The psychology of trading
  15. Day trading as a business

Within the course navigation, you also can access student resources, metrics, reporting tools, trading tool info, trading layouts, and downloadable PDFs. The stock trading room will provide some additional insights too. Access to the stock trading chat room is included as long as you stay within the Warrior Starter course. And the same goes for the trading simulator during the first 30 days of the subscription. The Warrior Starter Course is an excellent entry into the world of day trading. But remember, Warrior Trading does not offer magic or the holy grail of day trading. Ross never promises such clichés at any time. The video streaming works excellent, the video quality is outstanding, and you also have access to various resources within each section. Also, you can make notes for any chapter from within the platform.

Warrior Starter Costs

The Warrior Starter education package is a subscription-based package, which means that you can access the content for your subscription duration. The Warrior Starter enrollment price is $997 and gives you access for the first 30 days. Subsequent months cost $197 per month, while you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can reduce the cost almost all year long by 50% using one of the promotions. Please note the benefit that access to the trading chat rooms is included in the fees. Also, the Warrior Starter course includes 30 days of free access to the trading simulator.

Is the Warrior Starter Course a Good Choice?

Warrior Trading is an excellent choice for novice stock traders because they are one of the few trading education companies publishing real bank account statements on their website. Publicly accessible to all of us. No tricks or gimmicks. Just the naked numbers. This alone shows that Ross Cameron is making money by trading and not only making money by educating! One thing I like about Ross is that he reflects a lot about his trading during the live stream in the chatroom and in the YouTube videos he publishes every day. By the way, some time ago, I interviewed the ultimate warrior, Ross Cameron. Now, let’s proceed with the Warrior Trading review by taking a closer look at the Pro package now!

Warrior PRO

The Pro course comes with much more content compared to the Starter course. As a subscriber, you gain access to:

  • Everything included in Warrior Starter
  • Small cap day trading course
  • Live trading archive access
  • Day trading in an IRA course
  • Large cap day trading course
  • VWAP class
  • Swing and options trading course
  • Mentor sessions and recordings
  • Trading room access
  • Warrior Trading’s proprietary stock screener with Momo scanner
  • Real-time stock market simulator (90 days for free)

Warrior Pro Features

Warrior Pro subscribers gain access to the whole Warrior Trading education portal. Everything is covered from day trading low float stocks and small cap stocks, day trading penny stocks, trading large cap stocks, and options. But let’s break it down into sections.

Warrior Trading’s Pricing

Warrior Trading is definitely not 1 of the cheapest day trader educational options around. Aspiring traders could opt to purchase a decent stock trading book for under $20 (even though you do get their free ebook when you attend a Warrior Trading webinar). However, you are paying for in-depth educational resources that clearly caters to your success as a trader. Plus Warrior Trader also claims to have a respectable success rate among its trading alumni. Below is a breakdown of the pricing structure for Warrior Trading’s products: Warrior Starter

  • $997 for starter course access and $197 per month after 30 days
  • Trading Simulator access is available for an additional fee
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time

Warrior Pro

  • $5,997 for 1-year access (does not auto-enroll)
  • $4,297 for 90-day access and $197 per month after 90 days

Day Trading Chat Room

  • Included with the Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro memberships

Professional Day Trading Simulator

  • Included with the Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro memberships

Stock Market Scanners

  • Included with the Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro memberships

Warrior Trading’s Customer Support

The customer support team at Warrior Trading involves a tight-knit team of support agents. They work across social media channels and email and report to the main offices in California and Massachusetts. Customers can typically expect a response to inquiries within just a few hours. Customers will enjoy the personalized support they receive from Warrior Trading’s team and the trading community can start to feel like family. While it does not apparently stop the company from searching for ways to improve their service, Warrior Trading reports an impressive customer satisfaction rating of over 90%.

In addition to providing billing, sales, tech and website support, the growing customer service division at Warrior Trading also consists of a team of traders. As traders themselves, these trader support agents can easily relate to many of the customers they come in contact with. They seem equipped with the knowledge to address student questions. This support can be particularly helpful for members who find that they are unable to participate in the live components of the Warrior Trading programs. It’s also helpful for those who need to submit questions after hours.

Warrior Trading’s Ease of Use

Warrior Trading offers an easily navigated web interface to access information on short term trading strategies in both video and text form. The course was designed for beginners and more advanced users, so it is easy to use and access the services you choose to pay for. Educational videos and web pages walk you through how to use the trade simulator for Windows computers and through other services like the trade scanner. If you have questions, you can easily pull up a responsive Live Chat feature to compliment the extensive FAQ section on Warrior Trading’s website to quickly get answers.

Final Thoughts

Warrior Trading offers a premium-priced online day and swing trader educational service that appears to have helped many traders get started on the right foot. The Warrior Pro program provides group mentoring services that can be especially useful if you need specific feedback from an experienced trader. The trading simulator and stock scanning software can also be beneficial tools for traders learning the ropes or for more experienced traders who need to refine their strategies. Long-term investors and trend traders may want to look elsewhere, so make sure this program is right for you before you sign up. Do your research in advance.

Sign up for a free online training session or open an account with Warrior Trading to further your trading education. You can get started right away, and it’s easy to contact their team if you have concerns that the program isn’t a good fit. Want to learn more about the best trading and investing education? Check out Benzinga’s picks for the best online investing courses, the best day trading books and the best stock research tools.


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